This is a sample page of an organization using LifeLines platform.

Lifelines is an Online Platform (website and apps) that can be used by multiple organizations to provide online peer support and counseling services to the people that they are supporting or for member care purposes.

Watch this video to see how Lifelines works:

We use FREEMIUM business model.

We provide the use of our platform to our clients (membership based service) at a very affordable membership fee (for as low as $ 1 / user / year).

LifeLines Platform is free to use for a group of 30 users or less.

Each organization (our client) will have its own LOCKED, PRIVATE PAGE through the LifeLines Platform (website and apps) where the members of that organization who want to volunteer as Peer Supporters can list themselves and create their own profiles on the organization’s page and members who are looking for a Peer Support can browse through the list of Peer Supporters and directly request for connection. LifeLines Platform will enable organizations to provide long distance support to their members who are located in remote places

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